Know your trading and maximize your trade runs!

  • View real-time prices by commodity and location
  • Run trading simulations based on your current aUEC and ship to see what the best single or multiple consecutive trades are
  • Filter out commodities you don't wish to buy, locations you don't wish to visit, or pad sizes that are too small for your ship
  • View accurate time representations for each trade route, customized to your ship
  • Keep track of your cargo, including how much you paid and where its intended destination is
  • View a list of your recent transactions, showing how much you're making


Never mine worthless, junk rocks again!

  • Log deposits you find to view and compare rock profitability
  • Keep track of your cargo and its value by mining the rocks
  • Support the app and tell us how much you sold your unrefined ore for


Become an informed shopper!

  • View which locations/stations house which stores
  • See accurate inventory by store by location with real-time prices
  • Find where the nearest or cheapest place to buy an item is
  • View comparison stats for each item type, to help steer your purchasing decision
  • Create a shopping route, showing you the fewest locations visited or lowest aUEC spent to complete your shopping list


Know your universe!

  • See detailed stats for each ship in-game and not-yet-implemented
  • View detailed information about each celestial body, including its satellites and all services found (ship terminals, trading consoles, refineries, repair/rearm, and more)
  • Learn which types of items are sold at each location
  • Learn which types of stores sell which item types
  • Compare ships to help you decide which is best for your needs



Most Price Reports
Users with the most price reports
  • TexasSkulls - 242
  • Anonymous User - 172
  • szimre - 85
  • Ciberbob-Z - 77
  • Diltyrr Helvi'Urden - 73


Most Trades
Users with the highest number of buy and sell transactions
  • Anonymous User - 83
  • Diltyrr Helvi'Urden - 72
  • Anonymous User - 64
  • szimre - 60
  • Ciberbob-Z - 49


Most Rocks Found
Users with the highest number of deposits logged
  • Anonymous User - 11
  • Anonymous User - 9
  • Anonymous User - 7
  • Anonymous User - 5
  • Anonymous User - 2


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