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Store Locations

Name Location Item Types
Dumpers Depot Port Olisar Shield Generator, Turret, Gun
Casaba Outlet Port Olisar
Live Fire Weapons Port Olisar Attachment, Weapon, Gadget
Garrity Defense Port Olisar Undersuit, Arms, Legs, Torso, Helmet
KC Trending Grim HEX
Old 38 Grim HEX Undersuit, Attachment, Weapon, Arms, Legs, Torso, Gadget, Helmet
Skutters Grim HEX Quantum Drive, Power Plant, Turret, Gun
Conscientious Objects Levski Attachment, Weapon, Gadget
Dumpers Depot Levski Cooler, Ordnance, Missile
Levski Clothes Stand Levski
Cordrys Levski Undersuit, Arms, Legs, Torso, Helmet
Teachs Ship Shop Levski Ship
Platinum Bay R&R CRU-L2 Quantum Drive, Cooler, Power Plant, Shield Generator
Live Fire Weapons R&R CRU-L2 Attachment, Weapon, Gadget
Casaba Outlet R&R CRU-L2
Tammany and Sons Lorville
New Deal Teasa Spaceport Ship


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